Call us at 212-404-6715 or email
Call us at 212-404-6715 or email

How Telstar Serves You

Telstar has recovered more than $50 million in unnecessary telecom expenses for our clients. Click on the menu items below to learn more about our areas of expertise:


Telecom Billing and Contract Compliance Auditing


Cell Tower Revenue Auditing


Taxes and Surcharges Auditing


Cost Reduction Strategies


Unclaimed Funds and Class Action Lawsuit Distributions Recovery


Baseline Projects and Contracts Assessment


Our work is tailored to suit your needs, but a typical process would usually include the following:


  • Signing of confidentiality agreements;
  • Reviewing all of your telecom invoices to verify that all bills match the contracts you have in place with your vendors (such as Verizon and AT&T). We call this “contract compliance”; 
  • Reviewing all of your telecommunications invoices to verify that you are being billed in accordance with any tariffs or regulations your vendors have on file with various state and federal agencies;
  • Reviewing all of your telecom invoices to verify that your vendors apply the proper taxes and surcharges;       
  • Verifying that you are paying the best price for the services you have in place with your vendors;
  • Reviewing your challenges in the current voice and data cost management areas; and
  • Working remotely and minimizing the amount of onsite visits and requests so as not to inconvenience you and your staff. 



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