Call us at 212-404-6715 or email
Call us at 212-404-6715 or email

Starting Your Telstar Audit


To have Telstar Resource Group, Inc. perform a no-cost telecomm billing audit for your organization, give us a call at 212-404-6715. To get started, we would need to collect the following information from you:


  • A signed Telstar Agreement (provided by Telstar)
  • A signed Letter ofAgency (draft provided by Telstar)
  • A designated contact from your organization
  • A list of your organization's telecom service providers (TSPs), their contact information and your billing account numbers
  • Copies of all active contracts and amendments with all of your TSPs 


Once we receive this information then we can begin the audit process from our own location; everything is done remotely so as to minimize disruption to you and your staff.  




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