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Telstar Helps You Recover Money

from Unnecessary Telecom Expenses

Telstar Resource Group, Inc. is the preeminent telecommunications billing specialist serving the United States and Canada. Since 1991, Telstar has been helping all types of service providers reduce their annual costs, as well as obtain refunds due to overcharges made by their telecom vendors.


The average Fortune 500 Company spends more than $100 million on telecommunications services each year. Yet, on average, 15% of telecom expenses are in error as a result of incorrect rates, special contract pricing not implemented, disconnected services not removed from billing and over-charging of taxes and surcharges, resulting in a loss of $15 million annually. 


We are Completely Dedicated to Reducing Your Telecom Costs

Telstar is one of the few telecom billing consulting firms completely dedicated to simplifying the telecom services billing audit process. Telstar’s sole mission is to maximize the benefits of our telecom billing review for our clients while minimizing the inconvenience to their staff. As a result, our clients know that when they work with Telstar, they will receive an entirely objective audit of their telecom expenses.


Our Contingency Fee Structure Means No Risk for You

Our telecommunications audit is performed on a risk-free, contingency fee basis. If we do not recover any refunds or establish cost savings going forward, then there is no fee for our service.


We have Recovered More than $50 Million for Our Clients – What can We Find for You?

To date, Telstar has recovered more than fifty million dollars for our clients by uncovering refunds due to overbilling or other service mischarges, and by establishing practices that lead to future cost savings. Our service is cost effective because our recommendations do not require any substantial changes to your current telecom system or telecom service providers (TSPs) you currently use.



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