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More than Four Decades of Expertise at your Service



At the helm of Telstar are established telecommunications experts who have more than four decades of direct involvement in the industry.


John J. Messina, Telstar’s Co-founder, President and Senior Consultant, provides the firm’s clients with more than four decades of expertise in the telecommunications industry.  His extensive experience with telecom vendors includes 30 years working with Verizon as a Manager in their Engineering and Quality Control Departments; he was also responsible for the testing and implementation of Verizon’s Ordering, Provisioning and Billing systems.


Mr. Messina has extensive telephone company training in management, telephone, networks, systems testing and quality control.  He is a widely regarded expert in the interpretation and application of tariffs, local, state and federal regulations pertaining to taxes and surcharges, application of taxes and surcharges to local, interstate and international services, and custom contracts pertaining to telecommunications and cell towers.  As a subject matter expert, Mr. Messina has spoken extensively on the subject of telecom expense auditing and has provided seminars on billing and competitive telecommunications to Fortune 500 Companies.


Michael P. Brosnan, Telstar’s Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Senior Consultant, has more than three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry in a variety of critical, high profile positions.  He earned a master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University.  For more than eleven years he held management positions in the Customer Service, Information Systems and the Billing and Order Systems Quality Control Departments at Verizon.  Mr. Brosnan has extensive experience providing Fortune 500 Companies, Federal, State, City and Local governments and agencies with telecommunications cost reduction strategies, billing reviews and contract compliance audits.





Mr. Messina and Mr. Brosnan earned recognition as experts in the field of telecommunications bill auditing not only through the success they have achieved for their clients, but also for their guidebooks on the subject, training programs and numerous speaking engagements.  These three publications served as the definitive reference books when the telecom industry was rapidly growing, merging and changing to adapt to a digital age and ever increasing availability of the new Internet:


Telecommunications Expense Management: How to Audit Your Bills, Reduce Expenses and Negotiate Favorable Rates, includes guidelines on how to increase telecom efficiency, service, and support while keeping costs low.  It explains how to audit bills, negotiate contracts, and find the best long distance provider.


The Telecom Professional's Complete Guide to the Internet, is a guide for telecom managers and IT executives to help them use the Web with precision, quickly locate the best sites for buying hardware and services, research Internet telephony, locate the best vendors, and more.


The Complete Guide To: Local & Long Distance Telephone Company Billing, documents how billing errors occur and how customers routinely pay for such billing errors.  It shows you how to review your bills, compare them with your tariffs and contracts to ensure charges are accurate, correct errors and determine whether or not refunds for past overcharges were received.



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